Section 7000: Instructional Program (2)


7010      Instructional Philosophy


7050      Curriculum Development



Personnel (Cf. 2560)


Financial (Cf. 3200)



Pilot Projects

Pilot Project Evaluation

Federal Compliance

7050-R  Rules: Curriculum Development

7052      Multicultural, Gender-Fair and Anti-Bias Education
7052-R  Rules: Multicultural, Gender-Fair and Anti-Bias Education

7055      Comprehensive School Health Education

7057      Quality Character Education
7057-R  Rules: Quality Character Education

7060      Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines
7060-R  Rules: Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines

7110      Curriculum

Elementary Program

Middle School

Senior High School

     (SN- Includes the full range of programs designed to meet the individual needs of the

      great majority of students and beginning with pre-primary areas of instruction and

      extending beyond education, conservation education, occupational education, home

      economics, and the standard academic areas of instruction are regarded here as

      component elements of the Basic Program.)

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities



Student Funds

7110-R  Rules: Curriculum

7113      Personal Curriculum - Michigan Merit Curriculum

Granting Credit and Testing Out

7113-R  Rules:  Personal Curriculum- Michigan Merit Curriculum

7115      Sex Education

7120      Curriculum Alignment

7140      Dropout Prevention Program


Goals and Objectives

7150      Parental/Guardian Choice – Theme Schools

Parental/Guardian Choice – Statement of Philosophy

Theme Schools

7150-R  Rules: Parental/Guardian Choice- Theme Schools

7160      Special Education Programs

7165      At-Risk Students

7170      Federal Program Administration (Cf. 7175)

Title I Programs

7170-R  Rules: Federal Program Administration

7175      Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Involvement Policy (Cf. 7170)

State of Michigan Parent/Guardian Involvement Initiative

District Plan

Written Plans/Policies

Migrant Education Program (MEP) Parent(s)/Guardian(s)


English Language Learners (ELL) Parent(s)/Guardian(s)


7200      Partnerships (Cf. 9720)
7200-R  Rules:  Partnerships

7210      Interscholastic Athletics
7210-R  Rules:  Interscholastic Athletics

7215      Performance-Enhancing Substances (Cf. 8220)

7250      Adult Education Program (Cf. 7150)
7250-R  Rules:  Adult Education Programs

7350     Instructional Resources

Instructional Services


Resource Persons

Textbook Selection and Adoption

Textbooks and Workbooks – Multicultural Considerations

Use of Textbooks


7350-R  Rules: Instructional Resources

7380      Instructional Program Prohibitions

7400      Instructional Materials and Media Centers

Instructional Materials

Media Centers


Criteria for the Development of Media Center Materials

Collection Development

Selection Criteria

Staff Libraries

Review Committee for Patron Complaints Concerning

Instructional Materials (Cf. 9450)


7400-R  Rules: Instructional Materials and Media Centers

7420      Inspection by Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of Instructional Material

7463      Use of Commercially Produced Video Recordings
7463-R  Rules:  Use of Commercially Produced Video Recordings

7475      Computer Assisted Instruction

7480      Resource Speakers (Cf. 7760)
7480-R  Rules:  Resource Speakers

7485      Community Resources

Use of Community Resource Persons

School Volunteers (Cf. 9230)

7485-R  Rules: Community Resources

7490      Field Trips, Travel, Tours, and Excursions
7490-R  Rules:  Field Trips, Travel, Tours, and Excursions

7500      Guidance Program

Educational Guidance

Personal Guidance

Vocational Guidance

7500-R  Rules: Guidance Program

7560      Grading System

Grading (K-12)

7560-R  Rules: Grading System

7580      Homework
7580-R  Rules:  Homework

7600      Promotion and Retention
7600-R  Rules:  Promotion and Retention

7610      Make-up Opportunities (Cf. 8350)

7630      Graduation Requirements
7630-R  Rules:  Graduation Requirements

7640      Transfer of Credit

Transfer from Home Schooling or Other Institutions

7642      Alternative Credit Options

Correspondence Courses

Virtual/Online Courses

7642-R  Rules: Alternative Credit Options

7645      Advanced College Placement

7648      Dual Enrollment and Credit

Dual Enrollment

Dual Credit


7650      Testing Program (Cf. 8940 et seq.)

Test Selection and Adoption (Cf. 8940 et seq.)

Test Administration (Cf. 8940 et seq.)

Use and Dissemination of Test Results (Cf. 8940 et seq.)

Student Assessment

Testing Out

7650-R  Rules: Testing Program

7655      Community Service

7700      Evaluation of Instructional Program (Cf. 7650)
7700-R  Rules:  Evaluation of Instructional Program

7760      Controversial Issues

7770      Teaching about Religion

7800      School Ceremonies and Observances (Cf. 7770)

Opening Exercises

Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs

Federal Requirements

7800-R  Rules:  School Ceremonies and Observances

7840      Substitute Teaching (Cf. 5685)

7880      Flag Displays
7880-R  Rules:  Flag Displays

7900      School Improvement

School Improvement Committees

Data Collection/Assessment



7900-R  Rules: School Improvement

7950      Schools of Choice